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    Secure Your Loved One's Future: The RAD Model

    Financially Accessible Aged Care Solutions, Empowering Peace of Mind and Security

    Bridge the gap between comfort and financial security

    Offering peace of mind, Refundable Accommodation Deposits are lump sum payments that allow you to secure dignified accommodation while allowing for refunds, empowering individuals and their families to navigate the aging journey with confidence.

    Understanding RADs
    in three steps

    Lump sum payment paid for aged care accomodation & services

    Resident is provided with quality assured aged care services

    Amount deposited is fully refunded after resident leaves aged care

    Why Fund your Aged Care with a RAD?

    Cost Savings

    Paying the RAD upfront can reduce ongoing expenses by minimising or even eliminating the need for Daily accommodation payments (DAPs).


    DAPs are non-refundable daily fees that contribute to the cost of accommodation and care.


    The Australian Government guarantees the repayment of the RAD. This means that individuals or families can have confidence in receiving the refundable amount when they or their family member leave the aged care home or in the event of their passing.


    Choose how you finance your aged care accommodation, based on your financial circumstances and preferences:


    Pay the full RAD amount upfront or opt for a combination of a smaller RAD + DAPs.

    "I have made a lot of friends. All the people are friendly, it really feels like home here"

    - Our Residents

    About Gallipoli Home

    Recognizing the lack of culturally appropriate aged care homes for our diverse Muslim community, we established Gallipoli Home to fulfill this need and fulfill our responsibility of caring for our elders.


    It was born out of the realization that existing facilities often fail to accommodate Islamic practices, making our endeavor not just a service but an obligation.

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    Unlock peace of mind and power your aged care accommodation with RADs.