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    11 Gelibolu Parade
    Auburn NSW 2144, Australia

    Celebrating 5 Years of Excellence in Care 

    The first aged care home dedicated to serving the needs of our Muslim and culturally diverse elders.

    Welcome to Gallipoli Home

    Gallipoli Home is the first aged care home dedicated to serving the needs of our Muslim and culturally diverse elders. It is a community space where old age can be celebrated, where elders can contribute, where children can keep their promises, and where the wider community can benefit from the mutually life-affirming relationships they maintain and develop with elders.

    We believe that old age is a blessing – not a sickness, it should be nurtured and made purposeful. We do not want our elders to spend this important part of their lives in a hospital or nursing home environment – where the focus is solely based on managing their medical needs. Although medical and clinical support is vital, it is only one aspect of their life. Life is a blessing and we will continue to support the lives of every elder who resides at Gallipoli Home.

    Our Community

    The Location

    In the heart of the community Gallipoli Home is located in the heart of Auburn due to its proximity to the mosque, public transport, and the communities that we seek to service.

    The Space

    We are a community space where old age can be celebrated, where elders can contribute and where children can keep their promises.

    The People

    For every elder there is a Rahma Partner who can speak English, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi, Urdu and many other languages.

    Our Values


    We actively show compassion, kindness, and respect to clients and their families from diverse backgrounds. 


    Delivering exceptional care by creating a home that brings together innovative facilities and outstanding staff. 


    Connecting with our culturally diverse communities to enrich the lives of our elders, and enriching our communities in return. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our aged care facility is committed to providing quality care for all seniors. While our services are designed to cater to the cultural and religious needs of Muslim elders, we welcome seniors from all faiths and backgrounds who are in need of our services.

    While many families provide excellent care for their elderly relatives, there are circumstances where professional care can be beneficial. This can be especially true for seniors with conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia, which require specialized care. Our facility exists to support families and provide professional care when needed.

    Our staff is diverse and represents a variety of faiths. All our staff members are trained to provide respectful and culturally sensitive care. If you have specific requirements or concerns, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

    Beginning your journey

    Step 1 - Obtain an Aged Care Assessment

    We offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the assessment process, assisting you in gathering the required documents and forms to navigate the assessment criteria with ease.

    Step 2 - Assets and Income Test

    Our team will assist you with the financial considerations, gathering the necessary information and required forms you need to secure the accommodations needed to support your elderly loved ones.

    Step 3 - Talk To Us!

    Our team is here to address your inquiries and provide personalised guidance and support throughout the aged care journey, ensuring that you feel heard and valued every step of the way.

    Step 4 - Arrange a tour of Gallipoli Home

    Immerse yourself in our warm and welcoming atmosphere and find the perfect environment for your elderly loved ones. Experience firsthand the compassionate care we offer and explore our exceptional facilities.

    Step 5 - Move into Gallipoli Home

    Experience a smooth and hassle-free transition for your elderly loved one into their new home. Our dedicated team strives to make the process seamless, ensuring that they feel settled and welcomed in their new surroundings.

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    The first aged care home dedicated to serving the needs of our Muslim and culturally diverse elders.



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