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    11 Gelibolu Parade
    Auburn NSW 2144, Australia

    Our Culture

    Rich, supportive, nourishing and welcoming

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    “I have made a lot of friends, All the people are friendly, if feels like home here”.

    Kemal Gazi


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    The Culture at Gallipoli Home is rich, nourishing & welcoming

    To be different in terms of sensitivities, to be sensitive to each elders cultural and religious values. Every elder here is like our mother and father, they are to be treated accordingly.
    A Culture of Rahma

    We bring these principles to life 
    every day, in all our actions

    Our Vision

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    Wisdom, patience, gentleness and thoughtfulness underpin our understanding of kindness. Acting in kindness means having a genuine interest in understanding the things that are personally meaningful to each of our elders – their unique story, experiences, preferences and gifts. Kindness is in our hearts for all our interations with each other.


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    Delivering exceptional care by creating a home that brings together innovative facilities and outstanding staff. Through constant self-review and openness to feedback, we are always on the look out for ways to make sure we’re at the forefront of aged care.


    Icon RhamaRespect

    Connecting with our culturally diverse communities to enrich the lives of our elders, and enriching our communities in return. By creative collaborations that place Gallipoli Home at the heart of numerous cultural communities, we aim to bring joy to both our elders and our broader communities.

    We believe that community is the core of happiness, and encourage it in every way possible.

    Ageing in community

    We believe our elders are a vital part of our community and that interdependancy is a continuum throughout all of our lives. Our Ageing in Community approach recognises that our elders require increased support in order to remain active participants in their family and in the community.

    Every Elder, Every Day

    A key hallmark of our Ageing in Community approach is what we call our ‘Every Elder, Every Day’ initiative. This initiative will empower elders, their family and friends to plan their commitment in a specific and meaningful way. The preferences of each elder will be honoured in arranging visitors. The impact of this policy is that a visitor Every Day is an option for them. Everyone in our community is called upon to contribute.

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